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Who Am I Buying A Car From?












Specialty - Sedans & Vans and SUVs



Owner of Quality

Passion for Basketball, Entrepreneur, and shoe collector 



Specialty - Trucks & Imports



All around car enthusiast 

Former full time mechanic

Customizes own cars inside and out

Loves to travel




What makes us so different?

  • We stand behind our cars and NEVER leave you out to dry under any circumstance

  • We GENUINELY care

  • We use ASE Certified mechanic to inspect and repair our cars

  • Our customers can also use these mechaanics AT OUR COST

  • We will find you the best deal on parts also at NO EXTRA COST

  • We don't have a huge fancy building with huge overhead so we can have the BEST PRICES

  • When you purchase a car from us you are not just a customer you are FAMILY 




Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide the Wichita and surrounding areas with QUALITY cars at a fair price. We want to make your car shopping experience as EASY and SMOOTH as possible. Let us satisfy your individual car needs and exceed your expectations in a friendly comfortable environment that doesn't have the pressure and hassle of most used car lots. Buying a car from us should be smooth, comfortable and most importantly AFFORDABLE!